Nathon Jones

“If you're opposed to brutality, if you then become the servant and the vehicle of further brutality then you are the manifestation of the wrong that you claim to oppose.”
The Trews, Russell Brand

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Married at Bruce's Stone, Glentrool on 23rd May 2015 Rhona and I performing at Portpatrick Folk Festival 2014 Rhona and I at the Mill on the Fleet Sessions 2014 - Photography: Kim Ayres Performing at the Newton Stewart Traditional and Acoustic Music Festival in 2014 Playing with Norrie MacIver at HebCelt Festival 2014 Nathon & Rhona singing in the Oran Mor, Glasgow © Sean Purser Laura-Beth Salter and Nathon Jones  Sean Purser Nathon Jones and Rhona Norris © Sean Purser Nathon Jones playing at the Oran Mor, Glasgow © Sean Purser Rhona and I performing at Eden Festival 2013 (© Steven Brown Photography)

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