Nathon Jones

“If you're opposed to brutality, if you then become the servant and the vehicle of further brutality then you are the manifestation of the wrong that you claim to oppose.”
The Trews, Russell Brand

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Newton Stewart Traditional & Acoustic Music Festival

Nathon Jones and Zoë Bestel at Newton Stewart Traditional & Acoustic Music Festival 2014We were delighted with the response our pilot traditional music festival in Newton Stewart over the 4th & 5th July 2014 received! Our Friday and Saturday evening concerts were sell outs and there were musicians dotted all over the town in the pubs and hotels with great tunes and songs all weekend.

I'd very much like to thank Zoë Bestel, Robyn Stapleton and Hajime Takahashi, Rhins of Galloway Pipes & Drums, Wendy Stewart, Rhona Norris, Siobhan Miller & Aaron Jones and Ross Couper & Tom Oakes for their part in making the festival the success it was with wonderful performances and input throughout the weekend.

We have come away feeling very positive about the viability of holding a regular event in Newton Stewart and we are already planning for next year's festival along with some spin off projects which I hope to announce later in the year.

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Plan Child Sponsorship

PLAN UK LogoI currently sponsor a child, Camila from Ecuador :), through Plan UK. Plan UK's child sponsorship is easy to set up and I, personally, find it really interesting as you get to see your sponsor child's life changing through the notes, letters and photographs you receive plus your donations also help a whole community through funding projects such as building schools, digging wells and providing vaccinations.

Plan have been running for over 70 years helping children in the world's poorest countries to build a better future..."A future you would want for all children, your family and friends."

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